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CPC of Google Adwords adverts is $3 per click for Cape Town villa related searches.

This site gets approximately 3500 unique visitors per year (that's not including traffic to any links pages).

The value of the yearly visitors equates to $10,000 - this site is for sale for US $8,000.

Consider the redevelopment potential and for the right buyer, that's a great price.

I'm looking for a buyer to purchase this website and all it's content - Due to other website commitments, I no longer have time to properly manage this site. It's an established website dating from the year 2004. I originally set it up to market my fathers villa to rent in Cape Town, but he's sold that villa now. The site gets good traffic - it's currently ranked number 3 in Google for the search term "Cape Town Villas" for example. It took a long time to get so high, but it's established now. The site also has a lot of inbound links that I've worked hard to develop - hence the high search engine rankings. There's very few villas listed - those that are listed get a lot of enquiries. If the website's content was developed further, I'm sure the search engine ranking would rise even further - as would the number of enquiries.

If you're interested do get in touch as I'm listening to offers. For the right buyer this website is worth a lot of money. Send an email to chris ~ @ ~ (remove the ~'s) for further information or an offer.